Dear Susan, I Just wanted to let you know how much Emily and I enjoyed our ride yesterday! It was an amazing day-Homer is the most wonderful horse I’ve ridden! And Emily thoroughly loved Blue and Cookie! What fabulous horses!! And Patrick is a gem! He is so knowledgeable about the history of not only […]

Hello Dingle Horse Riding Team

Hello Dingle Horse Riding Team, I visited Dingle and had the pleasure of taking the Shamrock Trail with Rosie.  I had such an amazing time enjoying the scenery, the company, and the fullness that I have found comes in abundance between Ireland’s wild shores.  We had such a sunny day to enjoy!  I had a […]

Day 6 – the Dunes at INCH beach ‘FREEDOM’ with Eric & Portia.

There had been a very distinct buzz amongst the guides at Dingle Horseriding about what lay in store for the final day of the trail, the infamous ride amongst the sand dunes at Inch Beach. The past five days had exceeded my expectations beyond belief and I was truly intrigued as to see what lay […]

Day 3, A very soft wet day!

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I peered out of the window on the morning of day three. It had been raining steadily all night and I was hoping against all hopes that it would’ve rained itself dry by morning. I closed my eyes, crossed by fingers and possibly held my breath as […]

Day 1 -Globetrotting Cowgirl arrives at Dingle Horseriding

Emerging from my car after the 4 hour drive to Dingle I was welcomed by the soothing sound of wagging tails thumping rhythmically on the ground, ducks splashing and quacking blissfully in the pond and the low constant clucking of the hens as they scratched around their coop….bliss.I had to pull myself away from the […]

Diane Hall wrote about Bob the Cob after she rode him on our Shamrock trail

A Second Love by Diane Hall It was love at first sight. Coarse, titanium-yellow hair softly followed a long, elegant neckline, stopping just short of broad muscular shoulders developed from years of hard work. Immense auburn eyes, highlighted by long, delicate, midnight-black lashes, met mine in a bashful way, questioning my intentions.  He smelled of […]


“Understated, surreal and therapeutic – those are the three words I would use to describe the 3+ hours spent in the company of Susan, Debbie, Sophie, Blondy (my first horse!) and the 6 beautiful dogs that make sure you feel supremely welcome to this unanticipated joyride. Let us start with what you sign up for aka […]