Day 6 – the Dunes at INCH beach ‘FREEDOM’ with Eric & Portia.

There had been a very distinct buzz amongst the guides at Dingle Horseriding about what lay in store for the final day of the trail, the infamous ride amongst the sand dunes at Inch Beach. The past five days had exceeded my expectations beyond belief and I was truly intrigued as to see what lay in store. I’d galloped for countless kms along beaches that appear too perfect to truly exist, deserted and desolate with few signs of life except for the hoof prints we left in our wake as we floated across the sand, perfect beaches that do exist in all their natural, unspoilt beauty on the Dingle Peninsula. We meandered through boreens and by-roads enveloped in a cascade of fragrant wild flowers and lush vegetation, vivid yellows, purples, reds and greens, a kaleidoscope of colour in the hedgerow. We climbed through mountain passes in a sea of fog, experienced the breaking of the weather as chinks of light fought to illuminate the dramatic scenery below. We waded in the ocean waves and marvelled at the craggy coastlines. Each day had brought a new surprise, a new sense of wonder, a new adventure and another awe-inspiring landscape, could it really get any better I thought to myself?!There wasn’t a cloud in the sky as rays of sunshine danced across the ocean, waves glittered and glistened and saturated in light as we ambled slowly towards Inch Beach. As we turned towards the dunes a magnificent jet-black Friesian mare stood noble and proud before us, and in the saddle was our guide, Eric. With a twinkle in his eye and a devilish smile dominating his face, he oozed an air of mischievous rogue about him……. yes, today was certainly going to be good craic, and I was not disappointed! For the next 10kms we were riding a real-life roller coaster, our horses beneath us living, breathing carriages, twisting and turning, climbing and dropping. It was fast, it was furious, it was wild and free and it was completely and utterly intoxicatingly exhilarating. And the fun did not end in the Dunes. The golden sands of Inch beach beckoned and ourselves and our horses were more than willing to answer the call; a final gallop along the strand, a final wade in the ocean…….The fresh sea air creates a hunger like no other. On arrival back to Dingle Horseriding the mouth-watering aroma of Roast Beef had me salivating alongside the six dogs. Debbie had gone above and beyond for our final supper, it’s hard to believe the week has passed by so quickly but I guess it is true what they say, time really does fly when you are having fun!