On the most scenic beaches of West Kerry
The Gaeltacht River & Wild Atlantic Beaches trail with Dingle Horseriding
suitable for Intermediate and Advanced riders
The Gaeltacht River & Wild Atlantic Beaches trail

These trails to the most scenic beaches on the West Kerry coast offer opportunities for strong Intermediate and advanced riders ENGLISH style to gallop along stretching golden sands followed by wading in the clear cooling waters of the Atlantic Ocean, excellent therapy for horses and riders alike!

These rides are suitable for Intermediate and Advanced riders, English style. We have a wonderful variety of trails situated on Dingle’s spectacular Peninsula. The trails we use allow us to to meander along the Pilgrim’s Route, follow scenic shorelines and bohareens (small single track lanes), and gallops across beautiful sandy beaches. Routes vary according to weather and beach rides are tide dependent so departure times change to catch low tide. You may be splashed on these trails so wear easy-dry breeches to ensure your comfort and warmth. 

Cost: €425 per person, 5.5 hours depending on pace

Booking is essential

Please note that you will be splashed and possibly end up wet by the end of this trail – it’s invigorating and exciting but please wear easy-dry breeches to ensure your comfort and warmth.

Horses on the beach in West Kerry
The Wild Atlantic Beaches & Great Blasket Island trails
Examples of various horse trails

Sample Route 1 : Ventry/Cathair Bo Sine

From Dingle Horse Riding we trace the coastline overlooking Dingle Harbour  before veering inland to follow the Pilgrim’s Route through the bohareen at Cathair bó Sine overlooking Lord Ventry’s Estate. From the harbour village of Ventry, we head for an exhilarating gallop on the beach before lunch. Afterwards we follow the strand towards Killmackaedar through the beautiful countryside and green roads of the West Kerry Gaeltacht.

Sample Route 2 : Muiríoch

From Dingle Horse Riding we cross Kilfountain River and Cnoc an Ghóigin Mountain taking in breathtaking views of the Atlantic coastline and the Brandon Mountain Range to the ancient Gallarus Oratory, Ireland’s best persevered and most iconic 12th Century church. After exploring the oratory we take a short break at Gallarus’ Café an tSéipéilín, we highly recommend Kathleen’s apple pie and cream  – it’s delicious! From here we have magnificent views of The Three Sisters (An Triúr Deirféar) and Ceann Sibeal. Forging ahead then, we continue on to Muiríoch Beach to enjoy an exhilarating gallop towards Smerwick Harbour (the site of much of the filming for Ryan’s Daughter) and Beal Ban beaches with fantastic views of the Three Sisters.

Sample Route 3 : Dingle to Dunquin

As above we begin by heading to the most westerly mainland point in Europe towards Smerwick Harbour (the site of much of the filming for Ryan’s Daughter). We gallop the beautiful sandy beaches of Muiríoch and Beal Ban with fantastic views of the Three Sisters and Ceann Sibeal. After lunch we head for a canter along the grassy track to the top of the mountain overlooking The Blasket Islands, Dunquin and Clogher Beach taking in some of the most spectacular scenery in Ireland.

Booking is essential